Honey Butter

I love sweet things. Particularly things I can pop into my mouth. Honeybutter on bread was a childhood favorite of mine but due to its relative high cost, I didn't get to have it very often. The cavities thing was probably an issue also.

Now that I'm the master of my own fate, I can have honeybutter as much as I want. Cavities be damned! And to limit the expense, I make the honeybutter myself. It's pretty damn easy to make.

You just start with a few sticks of butter. Gotta be butter, I might add. I like margarine more but the damn stuff just won't hold up to the beating. So stick with butter, folks.

Add an equal weight of honey, as seen below, then add an equal weight of confectioners sugar and beat the 3 ingredients together. Add some cinnamon if you feel like it. Ta-dah! Spread it on bread and have yourself a very merry time.

Honey on butter. Yum!

Add sugar and it's even more yummy.

Beat it until it's velvety smooth.

And now you eat it! (sparkles optional)


kenju said…
Dave,Dave,Dave. What are we going to do with you!?
Robert Campbell said…
As the original son-of-a-beekeeper, I of course approve this blog post, but I wonder....

What happens if you don't add the sugar?
OMG, that makes me HUNGRY!!

You always do that to me, Dave!

I sent myself by to say hello, just because!

Thanks for joining us in the MEET n' GREET fun! :) Hope you are doing great!
Shephard said…
I remember honey butter from a chinese restaurant we used to go to... but I have to admit, the confectioner's sugar frightens me. lol
rosemary said…
Dave, this sounds yummy....why don't you weight 900 pounds?
David said…
yes, I recall my dad making this for us ( mom was too frugal, dad was the extravagant one)

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