Between last night and tonight I watched the last 8 episodes of "Volume 4" of Heroes, aka the second half of Season 3.

While I liked the second half of the season more than the first half (volume 3--what was supposed to have been the second half of Season 2 before the Writer's Strike changed things), I thought the ending sucked on a number of fronts.

The prelude to Volume 5 was interesting but I suspect that it'll be as flawed as the last season was. The themes of Sylar possibly emerging from Nathan (don't ask) and Tracy surviving her deep freeze just aren't much to hang an entire season on. Truth be told, Heroes has never fully delivered on the promise that the first season offered. Even now, the tagline Save the Cheerleader, Save the World still works. Oh well, at least this past season was a lot better than Season 2.

Semi-Spoilers follow:

While the episodes going back to 1961 and the internment camp provide background, as far as I could figure, Noah Bennet's role is never explained. He's obviously the close confidant of Angela Petrelli but it's never explained why. His age also would seem to preclude him from being closely involved with the internment camp--but he talks as if he was there. Odd. And the stuff about Alice Petrelli was quite ridiculous. That pissed me off. 50 years, huh? Sure! It was a very shoddy attempt at a backstory. I wonder why they even bothered. And what's with this supposed cabal "The Company" being formed 50 years ago? As we've previously seen in the show, many of the older characters predate that internment camp. Any thoughts?


GA Girl said…
Noah was at the camp in 1961(horn-rimmed glasses)so was part of the original "Company" formed at the soda place when they escaped. He looks young for his ageand the others loook older. :-) If I remember correctly, in the first season the "Company" was running things, but one member was dead and the other dying. We need more details but the show is pushing it's website - maybe the story continues... It was never explained why Noah was at the internment camp, but the government took entire families - wonder if he has any secret powers.

I agree with your critique of the sister, that was STUPID.

The Skylar thing is very unsatisfying - I want Nathan back with all his flaws, not Skylar as Nathan (it's just wrong). And the thing with Hiro...it's all very shabby writing.

Did you notice how they kept Claire and Peter apart in scenes? They recently broke up as a couple in real life.

Medium is still good ;-)
utenzi said…
Medium has never been any good. I didn't realize that the kid with glasses was supposed to be Noah. If so, and I reserve judgement on that, the ages are really off. Then Noah would be within a few years of Angela---and there's no way that is true.

I keep expecting that Noah is going to be shown to have "abilites" also. But if so, the writers have certainly been very patient about exposing those abilities.
GA Girl said…
Have you never heard of men having face-lifts? He seems extremely vain to me. The other members (1st season, dying and dead) seemed older -and what about Hiro's dad? Many questions, no answers.

Medium has been great from the first show!!!

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