Hell's Kitchen

I was going for the C's in Hell's Kitchen this season. Unfortunately both of them have been eliminated. That's Carol below... she got eliminated this week.

Colleen, a former HS cheerleader than never quite grew out of that mindset, went down in flames a number of weeks ago. Her lack of culinary skills---odd in a cooking school instructor---did her in. Likewise, Carol just couldn't cut it in Hell's Kitchen---strong ego but iffy skillset---and Ramsay rode her in nearly every episode.

I didn't like them because I thought that they'd win, I liked them because they were cute as the dickens. Or maybe I just like women with names that start in "C" (and "J" also, of course). I wonder about that at times. I used to have a strong preference for women that have names that start with "D". Maybe it was mildly masked narcissism?

Carol, 30, of Knoxville TN, had a nice resume but had only been out of culinary school (Le Cordon Bleu of Las Vegas) for 4 years. That's not much experience. On the other hand, Colleen had 14 years of experience and that didn't help her much.

Well, there's no women with C-names left so I guess I'll just have to wait until next season or maybe focus more on J-names, of course. Bye, Carol.


Marda Mischa said…
Hello Utenzi, NetChick sent me.

How about names that start with M?
I have a think with letters as well, I do not really like 't' all that much.

Teresa said…
I never watch the show, but think I'm offended by the letters comment. Not a "C", "J", or "D" ANYWHERE in my name! Huh....
GA Girl said…
Silly Utenzi, the "C" stands for cute. "J" IS the best letter in spite of so many names starting with it ;-)
Matt said…
Hi Utenzi! NetChick sent me!

I usually try to actually provide a meaningful comment...but since Hells Kitchen is one of the few cooking shows I don't watch...I don't have a lot to contribute.

But I do share with you the fondness for women whose names start with a C :)

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