Eat your Veggies

Anyone that reads this blog very much probably knows that I don't like vegetables. Nasty things---they grow in dirt and are often green. *shudder*

But every once in a while I have been lured to the dark side. Witness the exhibit to the left. Veggies that had a quick heating by way of sauteing and then dumped on a plate (see below).

Nothing fancy here but tasty when combined with a nice fat succulent lamb part. Peeled baby carrots, peas and tiny red potatoes. And only one of the three is green so that helped some.

My secret to eating veggies? Put a lot of salt on them and hope for the best. :-)

And this is what we ended up with. Kinda pretty, huh?

Julie did all the cooking for this one. I made lunch so it was her turn to cook. I must admit my meal was a lot easier to prepare. I made grilled sandwiches on the paninni press. Ham along with several types of cheese, butter on the inside and olive oil on the outside.


kenju said…
She can make those for me anytime!! I'd lick the plate.
Yum! I love all those veggies. The lamb? Not so much. ;-)

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