Cupid and his arrows

Is that "arrows" or eros? According to Cupid, the new show on ABC, the main character's name varies from modern ones like Trevor Pierce and Ed Ross, to the classical Eros and Roman (romantic?) Cupid. Regardless what names he goes by, television critics don't seem to like him. The old song by Connie Francis comes to mind given how often the word "stupid" is implied in regard to the new ABC show.
Stupid cupid, you're a real mean guy
I'd like to clip your wings so you can't fly
I'm in love and it's a crying shame
And I know that you're the one to blame

There on the left is the star of the show, Cupid himself, Bobby Cannavale. Next to him is the very cute Marguerite Moreau playing the role of a lovelorn reporter, Madelyn, in the pilot episode, who falls for Irish singer Dave, played by Sean Maguire. I really liked all three of these actors but I thought the other series star, Sarah Paulson, fell flat. I didn't like her in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip either so maybe I just don't like her.

In any case I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I liked the pilot of Cupid. I just watched it today and haven't seen the second episode yet---it aired last night---but the first episode was a romantic tearjerker that really delivered in the last 5 minutes or so. A number of reviewers have commented negatively on Cannavale, particularly that he doesn't "look like Cupid". I think he was great and it was partly due to his over the top antics and looks.

The common complaint in reviews that the show is predictable is quite accurate. But that's the romantic tearjerker territory. You need to know who to root for from the beginning. I want surprises in mystery shows. In romance I want to know who's "the one," it's a shame that in real life we don't have as many hints as we do in movies and TV shows. Just saying...

In case you want to focus on plot, Cupid has been appointed a mission to put together 100 "true love" couples to regain life on Mount Olympus. Cupid winds up in a psych ward for claiming to be the fallen god of love and is put under the clinical care of Dr. Claire Allen who plays the rational foil to Cupid's romantic optimism. Each episode focuses on one couple being smitten and, of course, the iffy relationship between Cupid and his therapist. *rolling eyes*

Anyway, the show is worth a shot if you like foolish romance, which I do, otherwise you'd be well advised to give it a wide berth!


You know, I never associated the words "eros" and "arrows". Huh. Now, that makes a lot of sense to me. Duh.... Where have I been??
Teresa said…
I probably would have given this a chance, but to me it's a remake, since there was a show about 10 years ago with the same name and the same concept (I think Jeremy Piven was Cupid) and it got me interested and then canceled it without cause. So, to hell with ABC and Cupid, I say!
utenzi said…
Same guy behind both shows, in fact.

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