Change can be Good

You know those ubiquitous before-and-after pictures you see in advertising? Here's another extreme pair of before / after shots...

This first one was taken in December at my parent's house around Christmas time. Kinda dry, is it not?

This picture I took last Sunday when I was in SC for my Mom's birthday. Huge change, huh? And most of it happened in just a couple of weeks in February.

The Army Core of Engineers changed their policies on how much water they let out of the dam plus a few good days of rain did more than half of this. Amazing. They were down something like 22 feet and now they're only 7 feet under full pool. Fifteen feet of water is a whole lot of extra water to play in. Believe me, I hated carrying my kayak an extra quarter mile to get to the water back in November and December when I visited. Through mud, I'll have you know! 

There were a few other changes as well. If you look on the other side of the channel, you can see the people in the house across the way built a path down to the lake and received permission to place a dock there too. They also, in collaboration with their next-door neighbors, are putting in a stone reinforcement embankment. It really looks nice.


Teresa said…
I'm still suspicious of change, but it certainly is less depressing. Of course, now we have to worry about drownings. {sigh}
kenju said…
Wow...big difference!!
Carmi said…
That is SO cool! I'm always saddened when I see depleted bodies of water. They look so forlorn and lifeless. The river that runs through my burg has had a few challenging summers, and I'm hoping this year's going to be different. Doubtful.

Maybe we need the Corps of Engineers up here, too!

Popped in from Tanya's to say hi on this lovely Friday. I need to catch up!

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