Candy Galore

If you read this blog very often you're probably aware that I kinda like candy.

Which is to say I place approximately the same emphasis on candy as I do on oxygen and water. And Butterfingers are one of my favorite types of candy.

Which makes the box there on the right nearly a religious experience for me. 36 FULL SIZE candy bars. Not those shrimpy snack size that I usually get. These are the big boys.

We need a little history here.

First, that's what the lovely dears look like when they're exposed to the light. Wonderful, aren't they?

Anyway, around a week ago Julie came over during the week and we were going to cook dinner together. I was missing a couple of items so we went on a Wal-mart run. I happened to notice, while walking through the candy aisle, that the store was out of Butterfinger bars. No, I didn't make a scene or pass out. No, nothing like that. I was calm. Well, maybe I hyperventilated a little---after all, I only had a few packs left at home.

In any case, apparently Julie noticed this subtle display 'cause when she came over last Saturday she brought this big box of lovely candy. Beautiful bars of chocolate and peanut butter all candied up. Mmmmm. Wasn't that thoughtful?

I just hope she's not one of those space aliens like Alec Baldwin (Hulu commercial) and is trying to fatten me up so she can eat my brain. They roll like that, y'know? And I bet they'd use Butterfingers to do it with. Those green-blooded bastards!


Teresa said…
That was a very thoughtful gift, Dave. Not my favorite though so today's sabotage isn't working!

Malibu Stacy said…
"I just hope she's not one of those space aliens like Alec Baldwin (Hulu commercial) and is trying to fatten me up so she can eat my brain."

Oh, as if YOU had any big plans for it.

Some of us have larvae to feed.
kenju said…
Have you had your triglycerides checked lately?
Nikki-ann said…
We don't get those over here, unless they're under a different name.
Thumper said…
She brought you an entire box of Butterfingers?

Um...don't let this one get away. She is obviously One with TeH Awesome.

And dangit now I want Butterfingers...
rosemary said…
i love butterfingers....but....i love Heath bars even more.
srp said…
Triglycerides, cholesterol, sugars.... uh... they are one of my favorites too. Sort of like peanut butter logs with chocolate on the outside.

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