Birthday in SC

I went to South Carolina yesterday in the wee hours of the morning 'cause it was my mother's birthday.

This is one of the cards she got. No, I didn't send it. And I took a picture of it 'cause I really liked the way it looked.

I don't think it was even a "real" birthday card 'cause it just said "happy day" but I thought it was the best one anyway. Just something about that enigmatic cow smile, I guess. On the other hand, hoof?, there are a couple of gifts in the picture---one on the cow and another on the ground.

This birthday is a bit of a milestone 'cause it's Mom's 70th. That's getting up there. Given how many aches and pains I have, I don't see much chance of me making it. I doubt I'd be willing to endure that much discomfort (assuming the aches etc keep getting worse, that is).

With the exception of one grandchild that is in the military, all the immediate attended. Mom opened her presents just before dinner. Below, by the way, is the ham that we had for dinner. Yum!

Her first present came right to the door--and from a very nice UPS fellow. It was a bouquet of flowers from Janis. Very pretty aren't they?

Mom also got flowers in a planter along with other plants from my brother and his family. I got her candy and jigsaw puzzles (to keep hands and belly busy). But my Dad came through with the prettiest presents. A multi-hued blouse and the following two eye-catching baubles, a lovely necklace and watch, both in silver.

And this is Mom relaxing after all the excitement.


srp said…
Happy Birthday to your mom!
Mine are 80 and 81 now. It is hard to think about getting up there. I don't know. We had the rain and storms and they were going to go to the doctor but I really didn't want them on the road.. so thankfully, they let her postpone until tomorrow.

I got in an afternoon at the botanical garden yesterday... but now.. the temps are falling. Oh, dear... where did I put that sweater.
kenju said…
As I said on FB, she's lovely. And if she made it to 70, why shouldn't you? She's probably had a lot of pains in her lifetime - many of them caused by YOU, no doubt!! LOL
rosemary said…
Dave...listen up....70 is NOT old...and I am NOT 70.
Thumper said…
Happy birthday to your mom! (Who, BTW, does NOT look it a weird feeling, having a hot mom...?)

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