24 Cookies

Last night I caught up with Jack Bauer via episodes of 24. I had 4 recorded already and then there was the one that aired last night for a total of 5 shows.

The oatmeal cookies you see on the left were what fueled the start of this television marathon. Julie made them on Sunday but since we had so much other food to eat on hand, we only ate a few cookies while they were still hot and then the cookies just got ignored. As a result, I had around 2 dozen just hanging around.

Not any more. 24 cookies were a perfect eating accompaniment to the 5 episodes of 24. There's a certain symmetry there.

That show is so amazing. At times it seems like there's constantly commercials. It's not that there's more commercials per hour, it's that the show flies by so fast that you're barely aware any time has gone by between commercial breaks. And when you watch multiple episodes at the same time it's like you're watching a really great action movie not just a television show.

There's only 5 episodes left in the season so I'll probably wait until they've all aired before watching again. That's going to be one great night of television!

And speaking of fatty foods, Ben & Jerry's is having a free scoop day at their retail stores. So if you've got one near you, scoot on over and get a scoop!


Teresa said…
More food?!?!?! I'm gaining weight just reading about it... I can't believe you ate all of them!

I haven't seen 24 yet... someday, I intend to do a DVD marathon, but haven't yet started it. It does seem that a lot of shows have rearranged their commercial breaks where you get a good dose of the show in the beginning and then you only get a scene or two between commercial breaks for the rest of the show. I'm finding it annoying.
Shephard said…
I think you should make sure that you have 24 of whatever you're eating when you watch. It could be the next fad that propels the series into headlines.

Those cookies look like the best oatmeal cookies I've ever seen. Are you sure they're real, and not those Japanese plastifood in store windows?
I think I could eat all 24 of those too. They look delicious!
tiff said…
Why do I think I've read this post before?? How weird.

But hey - a rerun of cookies is perfectly fine...
Bob-kat said…
@4 is excellent. I've been hooked since the first episode of the first series. It's one of the few series where I *have* to know what happens next.

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