Wine, cookies, and basketball

The UNC Tarheels made their bid tonight to move from the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8. As it turned out the Tarheels breezed past Gonzaga having a lead of almost 30 points at one time. The final score? 98 to 77. Next stop? Oklahoma on Sunday around 4pm.

After the game I decided to make some cookies. A friend I was hiking with last week invited me to a home owners association party that is being held on Saturday. It sounded like a lot of fun so I said "yes" and these cookies are my contribution.

Since I had half a bottle of sparkling wine left over from Thursday night, I decided to make cookie prep more fun by drinking the wine while cooking cookies. (doesn't that sound weird? normally you associate baking with cookies) It was very tasty! I told y'all that you should have come over to watch the game with me. But not a one of you showed up! :-p

This is what the cookies end up looking like. They taste better than they look, I might add.

Since it's been raining for several days straight and is forecast to be really coming down most of Saturday, this party might be quite the experience. It's a house-to-house event with a predefined order in which to visit houses. The part that makes the rain interesting is that the houses are far apart and visited via paths through the woods. I am going to be sooo cold and soaked by the time I go home. I'm planning on having lots of bruchetta afterwards while wrapped up in a warm blanket. Maybe some more wine too!


kenju said…
You need my plastic, hooded poncho! I got mine in the sporting goods section of K-mart. Have fun, despite the rain.
I can't believe all of blogland is just obsessed with chatting about cookies, cakes and breads for the last several weeks and I gave up bread and baked goods for Lent! Arggh!
utenzi said…
That was silly, Rosemary. You should give up things like liver or spinich---never sweet wonderful things like cookies.
srp said…
I think these look wonderful... a few rice crispy treats and sugar cookies and some chips and spinach dip and perhaps some fresh fruit with my fruit dip and we could have a real party. I was hoping it would rain most of the day today and the forecast was for the rain and thunderstorms.... but this forecast changed faster and more often than a teenage girl changes clothes in a day. (that is a lot... from personally having a teenage girl)

I planted three drought resistant azaleas today and needed a little more rain for them.

I must post my newest bird picture... A Cooper's hawk fluttered by our den window and when I ran to the living room, he was right next to the patio and had caught a red-winged black bird for his supper. He obliged me by posing for a couple of minutes before flying off with his prey. Amazing!
Blonde Goddess said…
The cookies look awesome! I may have to make some this afternoon.

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