White Pines redux

My back has really been bothering me a lot. Ever since I did that work on my parent's deck I've not had a single good day.

Despite that nagging pain, I decided I wasn't going to spend another weekend not doing anything (which is what I did last weekend). So I went hiking on both Saturday and Sunday!

All 3 of these pictures were taken Saturday at White Pines Preserve in Chatham Co, NC. The picture on the left illustrates just how wet it is. It rained 4 out of 7 days last week and the trail was flooded out in a great number of spots. The upside was that there was a lot more green around than usual this time of year. By the end of Winter seeing green is a very wonderful thing.

This picture shows 3 of the women I was hiking with trying to decide where to cross a stream. It wasn't very deep but some people just aren't willing to get their tender feet wet! *sigh*

I had several encounters with the H2O and its fellow traveler, mud while doing jumps across wet areas so upon reflection, I'd have to say that the women were probably the clearer thinking folk in the party. Jumping around, while fun, wasn't doing my back any good either. Fortunately by late that evening my back was feeling pretty good. But that seems to be the pattern, it feels horrible in the morning, iffy during the day, and by evening it's not too bad.

Here's yet another water crossing. This one I slipped on going across. There was a hell of a lot of slippery mud on both sides of that little trickle of water. Only the dogs that were with us made it across easily. And they cheated 'cause they were perfectly happy to wade in the water and track through the mud too.

On Sunday I went to Sarah Duke Garden and Eno River Park but I haven't downloaded those pictures yet. I also met someone interesting but that's a topic for another post.


kenju said…
Unless I was wearing water-proof boots, I wouldn't want to ford the stream either!
rosemary said…
i only have to go out the front door to walk in mud, streams and muck...i am not complaining though....it is SPRING finally.
utenzi said…
By the time I was finished with the hike there was mud on my butt and one thigh as well as lots on the cuff area of the pants and my boots were well coated in the gooey stuff.

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