Titles for Sale

Do you want to be a Duke? Services like Elite Titles allow you to buy English titles but I'm actually referring to a lame 70's TV series.

That's right. At Amazon today you can buy the entire run of The Dukes of Hazard for 65% off. A "mere" $94 can reward you with hours and hours of grim horror on the tv screen as a series of bad actors and actresses torture you with their inadequate thespian skills.

I watched that show on occasion when I was in my early teens but fortunately grew out of it. But if you liked the show, or have masochistic tendencies--by all means, wander over to Amazon and pick up this "bargain".

Of course in this area the word "duke" is associated with a certain school and their annoying athletic teams (Blue Devils). Believe me, Duke is a bad, bad word. So bad that I'd not want to buy that title of Duke. I'd hate to hear that word "duke" follow me all around.


GA Girl said…
While the TV show was unwatchable, "Duke of Earl" is a good use of that word. Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl, Earl, Earl...

OH - were you referring to the basketball team that everyone says will be in the final four? ;)
kenju said…
I hope they're in the final four along with UNC and we win!!!
utenzi said…
Oh, yeah! That's telling her, Judy. Go Heels!
Teresa said…
I'm expecting an upset and Villanova will take it all the way... {ducking}

My memories of the Dukes of Hazard are about this really strange girl in high school who did absolutely nothing except write a version of fan fiction (didn't exist back then, but that's what she was doing) -- mostly Dukes of Hazard and A-team crap. I'm not sure you reminding me of her is a good thing....

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