Sunday in the Park

After the hike that I mentioned yesterday, I stopped at a Sports Bar down in Pittsboro to get something to eat. The UNC game was just starting so I watched the first half there.

It was kinda nice to watch the game with people around making appreciative noises. Particularly since UNC advanced to the Sweet 16 by rolling over the LSU Tigers.

If anyone wants to watch the game with me this coming Friday I'll make the munchies. I'd invite Julie but she doesn't want to stay up that late. Spoilsport! On the other hand, the game isn't slated to even start until 10pm EST. And it could start late since the number 2 and 3 seeds are playing at 7:30pm and there's a half hour between the end of that game and the start of the UNC game against the 4 seed, Gonzaga. If the first game goes over, then UNC will start late and the game could easily last until 1am!!! So I doubt anyone will come and watch with me. *pout*

The picture above and the one on the left are from Sarah Duke Garden at Duke University (whose b'ball team is playing in the NCAA tournament on Thursday night). Aren't those petals lovely? The color and texture were quite remarkable.

I was thinking of making Pâte à Choux to eat during the game on Friday night. The one advantage of such a late game is that there's some time to prep food beforehand. I've never made Choux pastries before but it's supposed to be quite easy. I can't decide what to put inside of them though. Anybody have any suggestions for me? I could just leave them plain and dip them in chocolate sauce...

That's Julie over there on the left. She was taking pictures of that tree at the same time I was and using a camera that was almost identical to mine. It was a little freaky. I guess there are far odder ways to meet someone---and that opens an interesting line of thought. What is the strangest way in which you ever met a girl or boyfriend (or spouse)?

By the way, isn't that a beautiful backdrop? Looking across the pond at the Oriental Bridge in the distance with lots of flowering trees all around. Nice.


GA Girl said…
Perhaps some day you will learn to leave well enough alone...but maybe not.

The flowering trees are beautiful.
utenzi said…
Me? That'll be the day. At least I didn't tell a joke about lab rats, GG.
Teresa said…
I'd come and watch the game with you, but it sounds like you'd totally blow my diet. We can't have that! Maybe you want to rethink the menu?

I won't comment on the meeting people thing. You are probably the oddest anyway... and you know that one.
utenzi said…
Yes, indeedy. Early days of Digital City and a rather obscure interest area. Those were the days, for sure. I was even using AOL way back then. Man, that was something like 12 years ago!
kenju said…
The photos are gorgeous, Dave.

I'd come and see the game with you, but I will watch it here with my family - all of us on pins and needles. You are welcome to come and watch with us - but we get a little loud and if the Heels are losing - watch out!!

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