Snowy Monday

We ended up with a fair amount of snow in the RTP area, 3 to 4 inches, though my location didn't appear to get that much. Mostly due to the wind keeping the snow drifted deep in spots and almost bare in others.

The snow shouldn't disappear too quickly 'cause today's high is projected to be a windy 32 and it's in the high 20s now.

At least it makes for a pretty view. I can't say that I find it all the enjoyable but it's a good reason to go back to bed for a while!

Since they're saying the overnight low will turn out to be around 14f, my heat is going to be on quite a bit.


You all got more than we did. We just had a light dusting on Sunday morning. That's really unusual!
Nikki-ann said…
We never really get much snow here when it does snow (which isn't very often!).
kenju said…
I think I got a bit more than you did, Dave, and I'm not happy about it. LOL
Bob-kat said…
Snow always looks so beautiful :)

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