I was a little disappointed in the outcome of The Amazing Race tonight. One of my favorite teams was eliminated. It illustrates one of my pet peeves about the show---too often airport schedules dictate how a race will turn out when I think it should be the competitive games within the race. Of course usually the airport serves to allow teams to catch up, cases like this when a team is eliminated due to a lost connection are rare.

As you can see over there on the left, we have snow here in eastern NC today. Supposedly we'll have 4-6 inches by commute time which is why I brought my laptop home from work earlier. Research doesn't quit because of a little snow, but I might well not feel like driving in.

My brother lives near Atlanta and according to him, while they got more snow there in Georgia, it was early enough in the day that the sun burned off most of the white stuff by evening. And strong winds tonight are supposed to take care of the rest, but it made for pretty pictures and a couple of snowmen while it lasted. I won't know the impact here in NC until I get up in the morning.


Teresa said…
I felt the same way about tonight's show. During the first two episodes, they pretty much ignored the drama at the airport, but this time nothing went right there. I hate to see people eliminated just because of travel problem, even when I don't like them. I had hoped those two would be around for awhile though.... I also hate it when they don't have much chance to catch up. Some episodes are pretty much follow the leader and unless someone really loses their head, there's almost no way to catch up. Those episodes are the ones I think should have a fast forward in them.

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