Party in Pittsboro

I was invited to a party on Saturday and despite my antisocial tendencies, and much to my surprise, I accepted the invitation.

Cheryl, over there on the left holding up a truck, was the one that invited me. No doubt that was the reason I was able to overcome my natural tendencies to avoid crowds of people. She's just adorable. We've gone on several hikes together and despite a deplorable lack of chemistry (at least I deplore said lack) we're friends.

The party is held every year and is called "Trail Crawl" and involves going to a number of preselected homes in the subdivision that Cheryl lives in. This is the 10th year that it's been held. What makes this interesting is the connection the people feel to their homes and community. For the most part these are all original owners, the lots are large---over 10 acres---and the place is still largely wooded with only narrow gravel roads connecting the homes.

The Trail Crawl is so-named due to the nature of the party. Much of the visiting done is via trails through the woods which connect houses more directly than the gravel roads. It's really a great place to live. Nearly everyone has kids and they all know one another well. It's like going back in time!

Here's the gravel road near one of the entrance roads. As you can see, there's plenty of hills and quite a few people were participating.

We started out at a alpaca farm, visited with the critters and socialized a bit--which was really great. Cheryl actually knows the name of every one of her neighbors! I only know a few of mine. Then we all en masse "crawled" along to Marshall's house. At each stop we hung out for a while, ate some, drank a few, then moved on to the next house.

This is one of the latter stops on the Crawl. The house is owned by the people who originally owned the entire property. He's written a book on how returning to small town life would greatly benefit society---and this subdivision that he built would have to be seen as a very successful social experiment.

Despite my liking of keeping people at arm's length---I'd gladly live in a place like this. In an interesting twist, Cheryl and I had watched the movie Back to the Future a while back---and the theme of returning to small town life was one of the subplots of that movie.

Too bad it started to rain cats-and-dogs soon after I took that last picture. Even a great social experiment can't stop the rain.


kenju said…
I'm glad to see you're socializing!
rosemary said…
Looked like it was fun....good thing getting out Dave, even for us anti type folks...cause i am right there next to you...or as close as I want to be.

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