Out with the old and in with the new

There's a changing of the guard going on. For a while I was going out with Jules then she decided that she wanted to have a little more space.

Or in her words, "You are such an asshole. You are mean and selfish and a pig."

Not exactly high praise, but what can I say? Maybe Julie was right. In any case there's another Julie interested in me now. Yes, that's her on the left, munching on some bruschetta that we made as a snack on Sunday while watching a few episodes of Planet Earth on Discovery Channel. We'll just have to see if the first Julie should have warned the second Julie about me.

There's another picture of Julie. A perfect way to close out the month of March. In like a lion and out like a lamb? I don't even know what I mean by that, but maybe my subconscious does. It often processes information far better than my conscious mind does.

And speaking of March ending, did you see that report on 60 Minutes about the Conficker worm? Pretty scary stuff. According to the show:
One of the most dangerous threats ever, a computer worm known as "Conficker," is spreading through the Internet right now. By some estimates, 10 million computers have been infected worldwide.

They mentioned that some of the code in the worm indicates that it might go active on April 1st but it seems like security analysts say something like that every year about April One. I personally think that's when their fiscal year ends and they want to get every dollar in that they can in March. Call me cynical but...

Even so, I am glad that my home computer uses Linux OS and is a lot less vulnerable to viruses and worms. Or so I hope. A lot of commercial servers use Linux and maybe the hackers will focus on those---thus making my computer a potential target albeit unintentionally.

Maybe I'll just stay off the net entirely tomorrow. LOL As if that's likely, huh?


srp said…
That looks good... and congratulations on a new relationship.

It looks like we had some space junk burn up and come over our area with a loud boom and lights in the sky. Of course it went right over our house area and of course, I missed it! Maybe next time!
kenju said…

New Julie: good!

Conflicker: hellish, or so they say. I did read that staying off the web tomorrow won't make any difference!
Malibu Stacy said…
New Julie thinks you're adorable.

But she totally gets where Old Julie was coming from.
rosemary said…
Dave, you're not really an asshole are you? Mean? Selfish? I think not....you are sharing bruschetta aren't you? I'd blame Julie the First. As for worms and viruses...had them don't want them again.

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