On the Lake

I arrived at my parent's place in SC at 6:50am this morning after a pleasant and uneventful 4 hour drive from my house in NC.

After a bit of reading while I was waiting for everyone to wake up, I talked to Mom and Dad a bit then hit the lake for some paddling.

I took this picture about a mile from their house. My arms were kinda lethargic, no idea why, so I didn't go that far but still managed to stay out for 2 hours. No interesting pictures. The sun was too bright and washed the texture out of the landscape. I like taking pictures on gray overcast days a lot more. Everything looks more "artistic" when the light is subtle. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Now it's time to do some errands with my dad to earn my keep.


kenju said…
Oh, but the blue of the lake is beautiful.
Bob-kat said…
Bright sunny days are lovley to be out and about in but I must agree, I do like more dramatic weather sometimes for photo's. the sun can wash out colour and texture but it cna also cast such strong shadows too. Saying that, the lake looks like a wonderfully quiet place to spend time.

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