New Toy

I left my parent's place in SC late on Thursday, after they went to bed. Arrived back at my house in NC in the wee hours of Friday morning and discovered a new toy when I got there.

That's the cute little thing over there on the left. A new keyboard!

I know, what's there to be excited about with a keyboard? An admittedly pedestrian piece of equipment. Well, anyone that knows me well realizes that I have a love-hate relationship with light. Mostly hate. And when I'm playing (or even working) on my computer I prefer the lighting to be subtle at best and absolutely dark usually. Unfortunately my limited typing skills often require me to glance at the keyboard. And with no light that just doesn't do much good.

So when Amazon had a daily special on a Logitech keyboard that had internally lit keys---I bought it immediately. I think the retail is $80 but Amazon was selling it for something like $45 that day. Sweet! LOL

The keys feel great with just this slight amount of travel. It's like the keyboard on a really high end laptop. And it's so amazingly thin! To quote the Logitech website:

Cutting-edge design
Ultra-thin, 9.3 mm profile and transparent frame: Make a bold statement and add an elegant touch to any desk. 
Sleek, minimalist design: The ideal combination of form and function, the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard gives you exactly what you need from a keyboard.

It sounds like BS but it really does feel great under the hands. While I'd not pay 80 bucks for it, it's well worth getting for half price if you can find it for that. Now I can see my keys in the dark and even better, it works with both my UNIX and Windows systems---but that was lucky. I didn't see anything about Linux compatibility in the promotional literature. I just bought the keyboard hoping for the best.

There's a lot of ability to program in functions to extra keys but I've not tried that yet. I suspect that the Linus OS situation is going to screw that up but I'm quite happy just having keys that are lit up. It really is amazingly elegant looking. Now if only the rest of the bedroom reflected that level of design....


Thumper said…
Way cool! I'd have no use for it at all (being night blind and needing a lot of light in the room) but I love toys, and the complete coolness of a light up keyboard makes me want it. Is it wireless? That would make it even better...
srp said…
New toys are always fun!
Did you get some rest on your vacation?
The Evil Twin has a co-worker whose office is always pitch black. That's the way she likes to work too!
Nikki-ann said…
Sounds good! I've looked into getting a similar keyboard in the past.
kenju said…
I could probably use one like that.
I don't really like the "feel" of my current keyboard. I used to have a word processor, and the way the keys felt was perfect on that keyboard. I've never found another one I like as well.
db grin said…
I used to be a draftsman, and worked in a cave of an office - blackout curtains and nothing but little desk lamps over the plan tables so the computers could glow brightly. This toy woulda been the cat's patoot.
Deana said…
When night falls my office is really dark too and I cannot find a lamp light I enjoy working by so that keyboard would be very helpful!
rosemary said…
I'd be happy with a mouse that worked correctly...sounds like a really cool gizmo, Dave.

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