I Melt for You

The first thing I think of when I hear those words is that song by Modern English back in the 80s though the title was actually I Melt With You.

However in this case the phrase "I melt for you" refers to activities in my bedroom yesterday. Now don't get your mind all in the gutter over this. It's a bloody candle I'm referring to not... well that other thing.

You see, I was trying to get a couple of loads of laundry done and I started a candle to get that smell of mustiness out of the air. I was only going to let it burn 10 minutes or so---and since I had set it down on the curved top of my television I couldn't leave it in the holder since it'd slip off.

Well, to make a long story short---I left it burning quite a while and the damn thing leaked all over the television, dresser, and carpet. Maybe I should have left it in the holder on a flat surface, huh?

In other news, it's the first day of Spring. Yippee!! And I even received an Easter card from Janis that was modified to be a Vernal Equinox card to celebrate the event. Thanks Janis! And happy Sabbats of Ostara to any of you out there that celebrate it.


Teresa said…
Happy Spring! It doesn't really feel like spring here though... we're still in the 30's right now. There was snow over in New Jersey this morning too -- thankfully, NOT here!

Currently all my candles are encased in glass jars (other than the votive type that I ignore anyway), so those accidents don't happen unless I choose an uneven surface. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you -- sounds like a REAL pain to clean up. :-(
GA Girl said…
Looks like quite a mess. Heloise might be able to help.

Blonde Goddess said…
That looks like a huge nightmare to clean!

Good luck getting it out of the carpet.
tiff said…
It's so ARTSY!
kenju said…
Yikes. Buy a gallon of Goo-gone.
srp said…
I hope that wasn't your new TV.... but at least it wasn't a red candle.. had one of those do the melting job all over my oak kitchen table and on to some cane seated chairs. I got the wax out, but not the stain from the coloring.

I think for carpet it would be... paper towels and an iron... to get it out. The other... fingernails. Good luck.
Use a butter knife to break up the carpet blobs, then take a brown paper (grocery) bag or lunch bag, put over top of candle/carpet mess and press with an iron. It will draw the wax up into the bag. I have done this before, huh?
David said…
cool candle art. sell it on ebay
utenzi said…
That's funny, David. I'd have never thought of that approach to the situation. Thanks for the encouragement.

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