Email Issues

Has anyone else been having problems with Yahoo?

The past few weeks I've noticed that Yahoo has been quite slow, and often it loads weird and such. But the past 2 days it won't load at all. Nasty Yahoo. That message below is what I see when I try to check my Email now.

Sorry for the inconvenience my ass. I want my Email to work! Of course since it is free I can't complain quite as much as I'd like. Damn, I don't want to have to go through the bother of switching over to my Gmail account. :-(

Update: And Yahoo's suggestion to try again in a few moments wasn't very helpful. It took almost 48 hours before it started working again.  Bah!


Teresa said…
I haven't checked my yahoo mail in close to a month, so I can't comment on that time period, but I had no problem accessing it a minute ago.

Sorry you are having trouble, but it gives me an excuse not to write an email to you tonight -- you won't get it anyway. ;-)

I'm tired....
yahoo is a pain! I love gmail. Of course, for most of my regular correspondence, I use my "real" email address thru the cable company who is our ISP.

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