---Caption This---

What do you think of this picture?  I can think of a few lines of thought but feel free to add your own:

  • We're mourning doves not bashful doves

  • Does it smell good in there?

  • If you'd just carry a hanky then you'd not have to get snot on your wing!

  • You're on a diet! Stop snacking on lice.


srp said…
It's really, really cold!! Hurry up and find the key to the birdhouse!
kenju said…
You should have done that last night, Harold! We're gonna be late for the meeting!
utenzi said…
Those are nice ones!
rosemary said…
Would you PLEASE not do that in public? Where are your manners?
utenzi said…
It does look a little rude, to say the least. Thanks Rosemary.
GA Girl said…
I know it's in here somewhere...

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