Welcome Back

There's two television series returning next week after a long absence and it's time to say goodbye to Burn Notice for a while. The last episode for the second season is next Thursday, March 5th.

Reaper is starting season 2 at long last on ABC, Tuesday, March 3. It was absent from the airwaves for nearly 10 months. Ray Wise portrays the Devil on the show and is very believable, as long as your version of the devil has good hair and no hooves. (see picture on left)

The other show returning next week is Rules of Engagement which is starting its 3rd season on CBS, Monday, March 2. I really enjoy the single guy and primary couple but the younger couple annoys me. These roles are played by David Spade, Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price, Oliver Hudson and Bianca Kajlich, respectively. Spade and Warburton are particular good playing off of one another. And Megyn Price adds a delightful element of sexy comedy to the show. Price was the mom on Grounded for Life. Hudson and Kajlich, on the other hand, are just whiny. IMHO, and all that.

In other news, this weekend is being projected to be cold and rainy from Friday all the way through late Sunday. I really need to get outside and work my legs a good bit and this weather is just not cooperating. Dammit.


kenju said…
I've never watched either of those. I hope the weather fools them and holds like today!
Teresa said…
Eh... neither show grabs my attention. I'll wait for something else to return. But thanks for keeping me informed.

sorry about your bad weather... it's not going to be much nicer here, but we should have a fairly dry Saturday. Nasty rain on Friday, dry Saturday and snow Sunday turning to sleet and freezing rain Monday morning. My "exercise" will be on Saturday.
kenju said…
Tanya sent me back, Dave. You could walk on a treadmill when the weather's bad. Somehow I think that is a bad word to you.
Mar said…
We don't get those series (yet) over here...
Tanya sent me over to say hello (it's been a while!) and to wish you a happy weekend. Cheers! hope you get your exercise.
Thomas said…
Hey! Netchick sent me! Nice blog!

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