UNC on Top

Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough lead Number 3 UNC past Number 6 Duke. Again.

Lawson scored a game leading 25 points in a game that was dominated by UNC at the start. Unfortunately Duke grabbed control and overcame a 10 point deficit to gain the lead through the nasty middle of the game but UNC finally took back the lead to silence the Cameron Crazies with a score of 101-87.

It was a good game, well illustrating the intense sports rivalry between the two schools. A rivalry that HBO Sports is exploring in their new documentary BATTLE FOR TOBACCO ROAD: Duke vs. Carolina. The show premieres Monday, Feb 23rd at 9PM EST. Be there or be square. And don't forget to watch the next UNC game either. It's an away game at Miami and starts at 7:45 pm on Sun, Feb 15.

Speaking of HBO, I was watching one of thier "free weekends" a month ago and was quite impressed with their series Big Love. Not so impressed with the series Flight of the Conchords. Both were rolling out their new seasons that weekend. I definitely would vote for Big Love in that rivalry.


Diane Mandy said…
I was so excited when I read about the win!!! I guess you can take the girl out of NC, but you can't take NC out of the girl.
Carmi said…
I need to move somewhere where college football matters. Here in the Great White North, it just doesn't command the same reverence within the community as it does through most of the U.S. And that's our loss, because I love the spirit - perfectly exemplified in every word you wrote here.
Teresa said…
My local station rarely reports anything that isn't local, but they mentioned the win here too. I don't actually follow college basketball, but am happy for UNC.

I saw the first season of Big Love and liked it a lot. I missed the second season due to Mom's illness and have since had to drop HBO, so I'll also miss season 3 (which may have started -- I'm not sure). I'll have to work on getting Mike to get the series on DVD, so I can borrow it -- once it comes out, of course. I know he has season 1, but I think I want to see it all at once.

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