Congratulations to Pittsburgh. The Steelers certainly ended the first half in grand fashion. Then, after having held the lead for almost the entire game, it looked like they were going to be beaten with less than 4 minutes on the clock. Yet they came back in the last minute to steal (Steel?) the game from the hard luck Arizona Cardinals.

There were too many game affecting penalties in the game but just watching that 100 yard interception run (#92 James Harrison), by a linebacker of all people, made seeing the game worthwhile. Having the back-and-forth dynamics at the end of the game was just a bonus. A big bonus. And thank god 'cause there certainly weren't many commercials worth watching this year.

I liked the first half of the Scottish immigrant Budweiser commercial (Clydesdales Generations) but then it dissolved into their typical saccharine "dogs and horses" shit. My favorite commercial was Alec Baldwin's one for where he pretended to be an alien --- and an alien with an agenda. According to the commercial they're trying to turn all our brains to mush by subjecting us to nonstop television---and Hulu is how they're going to make sure coverage is 24/7. Nice hook.

This year I think the promos for NBC shows and the movie trailers were a lot more interesting than the normal commercials. I really thought the singing commercial for NBC's Monday night lineup was particularly effective. The cast for Medium was a little flat but the casts of Heroes and Chuck rocked. The movie trailer that had me most interested was the one for Star Trek's backstory movie. But it had tough competition---there's apparently a lot of very exciting movies coming out soon!


Thumper said…
I'd seen the Star Trek trailer a few times already...but dang, seeing it yesterday just made me jones for May even more.

I agree, most of the commercials weren't worth it. Game was good, though!
GA Girl said…
I liked the singing commercial for NBC's shows. Am also thrilled that Burn Notice is back - I forgot how good it is (the skinny girl shouldn't wear bikinis).
Teresa said…
I also seemed to find the NBC commercials most interesting. And I don't watch a lot of those shows... (Life returns on Wednesday! I didn't see any commercials for it though...)

I like the horse and dog commercials. I loved the one where the horse shows off by fetching a small tree. I hated the Doritos commercials and all the car commercials were indistinguishable to me.
Deana said…
I like Hulas commercial too but I swear I think my fave was Conan O'Brien at the start doing that "sell out" commercial where he was crawling on the floor in spandex. I loved that!

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