Sunny and Warm

Blogger and Opera apparently aren't getting along. I've tried uploading pictures a number of times this weekend and just got error messages. This time I used Firefox and it worked. I don't know if the problem lies with Opera or Linux but there's something about my system that Blogger is pissy about.

In any case, I took this picture Saturday afternoon in the Eastern trail section of Eno River Park. I'd been hiking in the Western section of the park most of the afternoon and just spent a brief hour and a half on a trail alongside the Eno River in the Eastern side.

The day was unseasonably warm with temperatures briefly touching 70f. I was sweating like a pig! I'd gotten used to hiking in sub-freezing temperatures and the 40 degree swing was more than my body could take without protest. As you can see, the sun was blazing and the scenery was beautiful though the trails were mainly a muddy quagmire. What a great way to start February!


rosemary said…
cool photo....I know nothing about computers but I do know I love Mozilla/Firefox. I have ditched IE forever.

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