San Lee Park

I wandered a ways to the south for a change when I went hiking today.

I usually head north towards Hillsborough or Durham when I go hiking. Today, however, I headed south towards Chatham and Lee counties.

I had considered hiking at Raven Rock but decided that was a bit too far afield for today. I got a late start due to a very dire need for a haircut. After having shed a pound or so of hair, I scooted down to the 4 miles of trails in San Lee park.

While the hiking trail winds around two lakes and is pretty, the true attraction of the park is the 5 miles of single track bike trail. I didn't have a bike there so I just walked. Pity, huh?

I like the way the leaves pop in this picture.

Tomorrow I'll be hiking Occoneechee Mountain again up north in Orange County. It's good to get some hiking in this weekend 'cause it helps get my mind off of the troubles that we all face.

If it's not the stagnant economy, then it's rising costs (I just got the highest electric bill on Friday that I've received since moving to NC---ouch!) and lowering buying power. Yikes. Show me the way to the nearest trail, please!


kenju said…
Was your power bill $503? Ours was.
Double ouch!
utenzi said…
Holy CRAP! No, mine was $96.96. It's the closest I've ever been to hitting $100 in the 5.5 years I've owned this house. Your bill of $503 is almost what I pay in a typical YEAR!
kenju said…
HA! Tanya sent me right back. We have instituted what we hope is a money saving program; no laundry done until after 9pm, and no dishwasher running until after 9 either - which is not at all convenient, but what can you do? Mr. kenju is cold all the time now (since his stroke) and he kep turning the thermostat up to 74 ever since cold weather started. Now we keep it at 68-70* most of the time. We also discovered that we had a leak in a hot-water line under the house, so maybe next month's bill will be more normal. We sure hope so!
craziequeen said…
Hey Dave - good to see you at the party last night/this morning.

Netchick sent me here this afternoon to say hey and read about your hiking adventures. That sounds like a fabulous day.
I have all sorts of plans for when my knee is sorted.

Carmi said…
All this talk of massive utility bills makes me wish I could toss solar panels on the roof and install a turbine in the back yard. I hope to see government incentives driving these kinds of things in the months to come: it's high time green energy became the new normal.

And a good hike/bike ride is a great way to get away from the mind-numbing pressures of bills and life in general. Thanks for the inspiration - yet again!
It looks beautiful and relaxing. I wish our temps were just a bit would make a day such as your doable for us. Soon...

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