Occoneechee Mountain Park

Occoneechee Mt is in Hillsborough, which is about 12 miles northeast of where I live.

It's not a very big mountain, as mountains go. But oddly enough when you're walking up, down, and around it---it seems to gain some stature.

Funny thing how the legs seem to measure things a little different. Especially old legs!

And did I mention that it was steep at times? Well, it was. Just look over there on the left. You'll see!

This was the part just before we got to the rock quarry. I hiked this route around a month ago, January 11, 2009 to be exact, but we were going faster today so it had me breathing a lot harder. *whew*

It's still steep, in case you didn't notice!

The new season of Amazing Race starts tonight after 60 Minutes. All this hiking around reminds me of the folk in that show. They're always having to haul themselves up some mountain, glacier, building or tower. Even if you don't win the million dollar prize for finishing the race in first place you're going to lose some weight. Win-win, huh? You get to see amazing places and end up looking better to boot!

Speaking of new shows, did anyone see the new show Dollhouse on FOX network Friday night? I was expecting to really like it but I ended up finding it a little boring.

Eliza Dushku, the lead actress, is very pretty but just doesn't convey much believability to me.

I suspect the show will do quite well in the 35 and under demographic but I doubt I'll join them. The show reminds me quite a bit of Dark Angel but with even less attention spent to the scripts. Maybe I was just grumpy when I was watching it this morning at 6am. Not getting much sleep might make me a wee bit too critical. :-)


Anonymous said…
Looking at this pic made me miss the hikings I had with my father. That trail doesnt look difficult and definitely inviting.
Star said…
I just watched the Amazing Race on tivo. Did you see the cheese run down the hill? Too funny

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