It's two in a row

After being absent from these pages for a while Janis is getting motioned twice in a row.

This time is because yesterday when I got home from work there was my first issue of Bon Appetit waiting in my mailbox. Janis had given me that subscription quite a while back and magazines are so slow at processing their orders that I'd not received the subscription until now.

While the cover didn't do much for me (Eggplant Shephard's Pie) there are much more appealing pictures inside. And more than one dish that I'd like to give a try. Right now I'm on a quesadilla kick but once I get back to eating more varied meals I'm going to give several recipes using Yukon Gold spuds a try. There's one on page 54 for making Cinnamon Rolls with potatoes that really has me curious. I've heard of using potato flour but this recipe uses regular Yukon Gold potatoes directly. Freaky.

The article on cheese has the best pictures. Cheese is sooooo good. I think I might go in the kitchen right now and melt some on a flour tortilla. That's a comfort snack!


kenju said…
Yukon GOld potatoes make the best mashed potatoes I've ever had - and I'm a connoisseur of them.

Quesadillas are great. I had my first in Cancun and went back for seconds the next day!
Teresa said…
Janis is worth being "motioned" I'm sure, Dave. Three's the trick though... I can't wait to see how it turns out. ;-)

I've never seen a recipe using potato flour, but I have used actual potatoes in bread type recipes. I don't really understand why it's done, but they always turn out. I'd give it a try if I were you. I'll have to write an email about my cravings -- you can help me out....
A friend of mine makes cinnamon rolls using potatoes (or maybe potato flakes, I'm not sure), but they sure are tasty!
GA Girl said…
I doubt there will be three - Utenzie was just baiting her...
srp said…
If you like cooking magazines... try one called "Fine Cooking". It is more for the normal person... with ingredients not so exotic that you can't easily find them. My brother highly recommended it as did several of his friends. He got Mom a subscription and she loves it so far!

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