Carolina Blue

I hate to mention the phrase "carolina blue" on a day when the unranked Maryland Terrapins defeated the #3 nationally ranked and #1 ACC ranked team UNC Tarheels. And that's 8 out of the last 11 games that the damn turtles have prevailed. But since the phrase describes the picture below so well, I'll use it anyway.

I took this today while hiking in Eno River Park, west side.

I metered the shot off of the sky and then pointed the lens at the sun to overexpose that part of the sky. As a result, you get to see the rich blues that we had today in the sky and give the trees lining the bank of the Eno River a lot of brooding character. I love how those branches just seem to be stretching out and grasping at the sun.

It was supposed to get up into the mid 50s today but I swear it never got much past 45. I was wearing a fleece pullover while hiking and I never took it off. I was expecting to be hiking in my t-shirt and sweating. Nope. Not today. But it was very sunny and a beautiful day---just not very warm. On the positive side, it was by far the nicest day of the week. Well, except for the UNC game. That kinda sucked at the end. And worst of all, the Heels had a 16 point lead at one point in the second half. And gave it away at the end! Grrrr


kenju said…
We saw half of that game. Grrr is right.
Nikki-ann said…
Great picture! I was about to recommend you submit it to a meme, but I wouldn't after the fiasco I've just had!

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