None of us are getting any younger. That case came home to me yesterday while I was driving away from home in the rain.

My car hit the 30,000 point and since there wasn't any traffic around, I pulled over and took this picture.

I've had the cute little thing for just over two and a half years. I bought it on August 3, 2006 and it had a few hundred miles on it, mostly from the delivery since it was in a Charlotte NC dealership on the other side of the state. I'm scheduled to have it paid off in October but since I only owe $2,180 on it now I might pay it off sooner.

Since I usually keep cars for around 6 years, put something like 75,000 miles on them, that means that a significant amount of this car's life with me is gone. Odd, it still seems practically new to me. Oddly enough this makes me think of women too. My longest relationship is less than 5 years, my marriage was less than 4---I keep cars longer than girlfriends. Usually a lot longer. I don't know if that's meaningful in any way though.

It's been raining for 2 days straight and I guess rain and melancholy thoughts go together.


Thumper said…
You don't drive much, do you? I think we hit 30,000 on our car within 14 months of buying it (the Spouse Thingy commutes 80 miles a day, that doesn't help.) By the time we get rid of our Hyundai, I think it'll have about 140,000 miles on it.

We used to trade in or sell at around 60,000.

Maybe getting older changes things? Something to ponder...
We bought my van second hand in July 2005. It had about 45K on it. It currently has 65K on it, so in over 3 years, I've only put 20K on it. After my mom died, we inherited their Buick - it's a 2003 model (same as my van) and it has about 25K miles on it. We plan to drive them 'til the wheels fall off! :-)
kenju said…
When I got my 2005 van (in April 2006), it had 23k miles on it and now it has almost 56k. I kept my last one until it had 110k miles on it, so I am ho9ping that this one will last until I die - or until I can't drive anymore.
Teresa said…
I literally keep a car until it dies. One car was falling apart, but it still ran until some woman rear-ended me. Still, even though it was technically totaled, I drove it for another 6 months before I bought a new one. The ceiling liner was falling down, the shifter lever kept coming off, FM radio only worked if the engine was off, I couldn't open the trunk because of the smooshing in the accident and it was 12 years old (but low milage)... but I really had trouble trading it in. Ah... the memories!

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