USA Network

I still think of USA Network as being kinda lame. Just syndicated runs of shows that stunk to begin with. It just shows how long it takes a person's impressions to change.

While the pay cable sites like HBO and Showtime have been cranking out quality programming for around a decade, the commercial cable networks are finally starting to catch up. USA Network is a good example of this. Tonight has two of their home grown shows, Psych and Monk, premiering new seasons. While I don't watch either of those, in 2 weeks one of my favorite shows, Burn Notice, begins its third season on USA Network (January 22 at 10pm EST). I just can't wait!

And USA Network has plenty of company. Shows like Damages, Leverage, Mad Men, Damages, Top Chef, Souoth Park and The Shield are all on commercial cable television. It makes me so glad I have a DVR 'cause it'd be a nightmare to keep straight just what channel each show is on and what time and day. And since most of these shows are broadcast multiple times, it'd be so hard to keep straight which episodes you've seen and which ones you haven't. Thankfully my DVR checks on that stuff for me. *whew*

And speaking of good shows, don't forget that 24 (on Fox) starts up with a double episode early next week. Sunday and Monday night---don't forget!  I still haven't gotten around to watching the 24 movie they showed last month but it's recorded on my hard drive so I'll be sure to watch it before I start watching the current season of 24.


Thumper said…
I love my DVR. I don't even watch a lot of TV, but I never remember when anything is on, and the few things I do watch I REALLY like.

I've never seen 24, though. I'm not sure how I missed the boat on that one. It'll be one of my viewing regrets, up there with The X-Files.
kenju said…
Thanks for reminding me about Monk. I'll be watching!
Michelle said…
24 the movie was super, i hope the new season is just as good :) i can't wait for it to begin here.
eb said…
I hope season 7 of 24 is better than season 6. I thought they jumped the shark on that one.

But, like Carabba's a not so great 24 isn't really all that bad.

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