Taking a Trip

Yesterday I posted about how age was causing aches and pains. Actually, not so much.

As I discovered in the shower today, there's a bit more to the story than mere aging. Y'see, somehow I forgot about this trip I took.

When I go hiking with a Meetup group I usually don't spend a lot of the time socializing with the group. I'm not very social, you see, and like to do group hikes more for the expanded opportunity for photographs. That's the real reason I go hiking, after all. So when I'm hiking I typically find myself taking pictures, getting behind the group, then catching up by running to the front so I can take more photos. Well on one of those runs across the trail I snagged my foot in a vine that didn't let go. So that foot stayed in one place and the rest of me swung quite quickly to the ground. That's what wrenched my lower back. Poor me!

The shower reminded me of all this because the right knee is one big black and blue mark. Oddly enough it doesn't hurt very much but it does look ugly. The other leg, the one that was trapped by the vine, only got a couple small cuts. Both hands are a little sore too but I figure that's just from 3 hours of exposure to the cold and has nothing to do with the trip I took. Maybe I shouldn't be running when I cut across on shortcuts...


Diane Mandy said…
I hope those aches and pains go away soon!
I hope the shower helped work out some of that pain.
kenju said…
You should soak in a tub of hot water.
utenzi said…
Amen to that, Judy.
Blonde Goddess said…
Knee injuries always bother me for the longest time! They seem to hurt FOREVER! Hope you're feeling better soon.
Teresa said…
I think the aches and pains still are a direct result of your aging. When you were young, you probably traversed vines with much agility and you probably would have seen well enough to have seen it coming up. Since you aren't as old as I am, you probably don't have as much loss of agility, but I find myself causing injury doing things that wouldn't have given me pause a few short years ago. Be more careful... you also probably don't heal as quickly!

I hope the aches are subsiding, Dave.
utenzi said…
That healing thing is sure true, Teresa. It takes a lot longer to bounce back these days. Fortunately the knee, while ugly, feels fine. The lower back isn't happy and unfortunately I'm about to descend into the bowels of the building to spend several hours injecting mice and that bothers my back even when it's feeling good.
tiff said…
But you FORGOT about the accident....another sign of aging?

(ducks and runs)

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