This snowperson is in front of the building I work in. It was constructed by several grad students. Apparently not enough supervisors made it into work today and the natives got restless. Cute "hair", don't you think?

This is my house. I took the picture a little after 8, just before I went into work. Everything looks so pretty when it's covered in white. However I soon regretted just how much "white" was covering my car. And we had a bit of freezing rain to start this off so under the snow, my windshield and windows had a good amount of ice that needed scraping off. Wonderful, wonderful snow!

These are two versions of the same photo of my backyard. I took these around 7am and it was still kinda dark. As you can see, I used a flash to illuminate the snowflakes.

In the picture above I just made it smaller to fit into the format of my blog and then adjusted the contrast a little. In the picture below I used the "auto color enhancer" filter on GIMP (the Linux equivalent of Photoshop) and it really brought out the blue. LOL Blue that I didn't see at all in the original. Go figure! But it does look interesting.


kenju said…
Good pix! I took mine about 8am and we got at least another inch after that, maybe more.
David said…
nice work
I think I will take out the kayak today before the next snow storm
even the wet seat can not stop me today.
have a great day
Anonymous said…
Snow is pretty

I'd still rather you have it than me!!
Bob-kat said…
It looks beautiful but I bet you need to wrap up extra warm! I miss snow as it's rare to get anything but a brief sprinkling here.
Chickie said…
Lovely photos!

The snowperson kind of creeps me out. Like it might come after you with its sharp teeth.
utenzi said…
It does look a little vicious and a mite deranged too.
eb said…
It's a very post-modern snowman.

Love the pic of the falling snow!

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