Snow Day Anticipation

Today's a big day. There's the MLK aspect which allowed me to stay home. There's the anticipation of President-elect Obama being inaugurated tomorrow at noon--finally! And there's also the anticipation of the Triangle area getting 2 inches of snow tonight.

Which of the three excites me the most? Well, I do love taking pictures of snow but getting the country out of the greedy hands of the corrupt GOP does rank number 1.

Besides, President Obama is a definite reality whereas Eastern North Carolina getting the snow that's forecast is a long shot. The year I first moved here there was a forecast of several inches of snow. Instead, that night over 2 feet came down and parts of the area didn't recover for a month. I wasn't able to leave the apartment complex I lived in then for over a week. There's just not very much snow removal capability here---there doesn't have to be. It's an unusual year that sees a total accumulation of over 2 inches. The 22" - 28" we got back in 2000 broke records going back 100 years. I'd just as soon not have that happen tonight!

But if it does snow, I'm prepared. I made muffins this morning and I've got the makings out for a pitcher of pina coladas. One way or another, I'm determined to stay warm! LOL

I didn't have any regular milk to make these so I had to use skim but they came out tasting pretty good anyway. I did have 2 containers of regular milk but they had expired. I don't like the taste of milk so I just use it for baking---and I've done precious little of that lately thus the expired containers. I do lots of cooking but no baking to speak of. Eating a few muffins might change all that though. Muffins are so comforting to eat. Some hot chocolate on the side wouldn't hurt either.

Hey! If we get snowed out of work I'll be able to watch the inauguration live. That'd be nice.


Teresa said…
We got 2 inches of snow today. There was a chance of flurries and some places were supposed to get a coating. I guess they were a bit off in their predictions. Even with the holiday, rush hour tonight was a nightmare. Due to road closures -- presumably because of accidents, but it's not really known why they were closed -- a 15 minute drive took over 90 minutes. It wasn't my commute, so I was home shoveling with the dog. She loves the snow, so we did the neighbor's walk too.
utenzi said…
I think I'd get rid of a dog like that. In fact, if I were you, Teresa, I think I'd give her to my neighbor and maybe get my sidewalk shoveled gratis. Hmmm....
Blonde Goddess said…
I'm planning to watch the Inauguration. I was going to write about it, but I decided to leave that to the talented people.

Hope you get to stay home and watch it.

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