Short Term Goals

This weekend I hope to get my bedroom sorted out. For years it's been cluttered but with potential. I'd like to finally get it all tidied up. My plan is to move my 27" television out of the bedroom since I never watch it anyway, and then move some stuff around.

The chest of drawers that the television is currently placed upon would move a foot towards the door which would allow me to put a shelving unit between the chest and the window. And that, ladies and gentlemen would be where all the clutter would end up. Off the floor and bookshelf where it currently is malingering---and onto ugly resin shelves. I never said the plan would end up being a positive decorating experience, y'know? I just want to de-clutter. I can make it all pretty later on (ha!).

I'd also like--and this surely is a pipedream---to organize my two bedroom closets and that forementioned chest of drawers. It'd be great to have all my clothes organized in a logical fashion, but it's very unlikely to get done this weekend. I just hate to move clothes around. Maybe if I just decided on where things should go--and then started putting them away that way after laundering them....

Hmmm. I'm not planning on doing any hiking this weekend and since Elle has other plans this would be a good time to tackle some domestic organizing. One problem is that when I spend too much time at home I start cooking, and eating, and that's not good for my weight. And since I went to Trader Joe's on Tuesday and picked up some nice Prosciutto along with a couple of very tasty types of goat cheese, several bottles of wine and also pizza dough---Sunday could prove to be very damaging to my weight loss goal. High calorie foods and a DVD marathon. Oh joy.


Teresa said…
Just because you have the potential to make something high calorie doesn't mean that you have to do it, Dave. And you certainly don't have to make it in large quantities if you should choose to indulge. Keep that in mind. The latest diet strategy involves eating a reasonable portion and literally throwing the rest away. That's not something I can do -- even if I don't intend to eat it myself, I can't throw out food if it's still edible. (My exception is peas... no one here will eat left-over peas. Somehow I don't think pea disposal is a problem for you!) But if you are concerned about your diet, make an effort not to cook more than you'll eat. You can't eat it if it's not there, you know?

Then again you may be too sick to eat anyway by the weekend. Automatic diet! I hope you feel better.
kenju said…
If you work hard enough at cleaning up your bedroom, you can eat a bit more and it won't pile up the pounds on you.
Here's how to get a tidy bedroom: empty the contents completely and paint the walls. Clean and declutter as you move things back in. Voila! Tidy room. :-) I hope you get to feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
We're cleaning up around my house too - mostly in self defense. Nice to know you're not so sick you can't be useful at least!
re your comment on my booklist: Not even Stephen King? He's matured if you're turned off by the gore fests of his past. If you're looking for good- absorbing- fast paced international intrigue I highly recommend Steve Berry.
Thanks for stopping by.
rosemary said…
cooking and are downright domestic, Dave.

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