I've been unusually productive so far today. I hope to continue the run, but knowing me---I'd not bet on it.

The picture below is from a Meetup hike I did today in the Johnston Mill Nature Preserve. I'd not been there before though I've done many hikes in Duke Forest, just a few miles away.

I woke up quite early this morning and watched some television while it was still dark, and then once it was light out I put out some seed for the birds and also gathered up all the garbage around the house and put it out in the bin. One of the many domestic tasks that I tend to put off.

Once that was done it was about time to depart for the 10am hike. It's about a 30 minute drive and I was trying out a new route across the county. It turned out to be a lot shorter though not much faster. What the map didn't tell me was that some of the roads I needed to follow weren't paved and that slowed things down quite a bit. You'd think online maps would mention details like that!

The hike was fairly nice though it wasn't the best day for it. While the temperture was supposedly around 47f it felt like it was below freezing. Overcast with a definite chill in the air and some scattered rain to add more fun to the mix. Brrrr! As you can see in the picture below, it was still cold enough in the woods to allow ice to stick around.

After wandering around in the woods for 90 minutes with 10 fellow hikers, I scooted over to Mebane to fill up my gas tank ($1.73/gallon) and hit the Wal-mart so I could refill my larder. I've still got a few domestic tasks to do, mainly changing linens, laundry and dish washing, but it wouldn't hurt me to do some vacuuming too. I just don't think it's likely to happen.


kenju said…
I know what you mean about the chill in the air. I spent almost 4 hours at Performance Acura on 15-501 today, with someone who was trying to buy a car, and I almost froze. I was dressed for the high, which they said would be 57*, but felt like 37* to me!
David said…
i HAD to go kayaking again Saturday
and I am sore again, but finding my limits, and my passion.

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