Morning Hike

I was going to go for a hike early yesterday morning but it was just too damn sunny. I know most people like that sorta thing--but strong sunshine tends to give me headaches and that combined with the temps being around 16-20f made a migraine a sure thing. No thanks!

Today, on the other hand, had temps hovering just below freezing and nary a sign of the sun anywhere to be found. Perfect! The picture below illustrates the austere beauty of the gray skies as well as the quarry I was hiking around.

The picture below is of some greenery growing on a log. I'm not sure if it's a rather advanced lichen, a small scale moss or something else entirely. My knowledge of botany is quite rudimentary, I'm afraid. I did think it was pretty though.


Teresa said…
Nice pictures. I'm glad you got some exercise this weekend. :-)
I'm with you on the sunlight thing. Headache every time. Cool photos. Blame ETW for me being here LOL
kenju said…
I think that is moss of some sort. Sunshine gives you headaches? What are you, a weirdo?
utenzi said…
You better believe it, Judy!

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