Just look at those whiskers!

I received this in an Email today. Interesting story.

Each year, a few people will be drowned mysteriously in Huadu's Furong Reservoir. It was not until recently when the son of a certain official went swimming in the reservoir with his friend and were drowned that the secret was unravelled!

It's a 3 meter long man-eating catfish whose head alone is 1 meter wide! After cutting up the catfish people were shocked to find the remains of a man inside!

Because this was a huge incident, and the local government was afraid of the impact on local tourism, they imposed an embargo on the news. However people came away with these pictures taken on their cell phones of the man-eating fish!

Swimming in the reservoir is now forbidden because it is feared another similar man-eating catfish is still lurking in the waters.

Now you must admit that finding a catfish that big would be very scary, however if you change the name to "Whale Shark" then the fish look pretty normal.

According to Wiki: "The whale shark, Rhincodon typus, is a slow moving filter feeding shark that is the largest living fish species. It can grow up to 12.2 m. (40 ft.) in length and can weigh up to 13.6 tonnes (15 short tons)"

Since the whale shark's a filter feeding fish, you can be pretty damn sure it didn't swallow any people. So feel perfectly free to swim in the waters of Furong Reservoir.


kenju said…
I got that email too, and I wouldn't be swimming there for any reason!
Bob-kat said…
Hmmm...something about this all smells fishy to me! ;)
Chickie said…
I still wouldn't swim there. I'd have a heart attack just upon seeing one.
tiff said…
I want to see the body parts, daggone it!
Cynnie said…
OMG!!!..I've heard stories of catfish the size of Volkswagens in Badin Lake ( stanly Co. NC)

I believe it dude
Carmi said…
We were privileged to see the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium when we visited last year. I need to dig up the pictures, as they were spectacular.

Though this one shows 'em in a totally different - and somewhat more dead - light. Poor thing!
carli said…

Good old Snopes.

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