Hot Heads

I watched the season primiere of Hell's Kitchen today. The show appeared on FOX on the 29th but I wasn't in any hurry to see it. The first few episodes are always the same. Ramsey losing his temper and the chef-contestants not finishing service.

As you might guess, Gordon Ramsay qualifies as a hot head. So too, by reasons of coloration, is the cardinal at left. I got the picture of him today as he was eating some seeds on my deck rail.

If you watch Hell's Kitchen, this season does seem to have picked some chefs with talent and experience. In the past two seasons it seemed the producers were picking contestants mainly for being "colorful" and that was just annoying. Most of the 16 chefs this season seem to know what they're doing. But only time will tell...

And speaking of knowing what they're doing, I watched a movie last night that was quirky but very interesting. Gone Baby Gone is based on the novel by Dennis Lehane and is directed by Ben Affleck and stars his brother Casey in a surprisingly good performance. Who knew he could act? The cast was ably rounded out with veterans like Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris and the lovely Michelle Monaghan as well.

The plot involves two private investigators who augment the Boston police in a race to find a kidnapped 4 year old girl before it's too late. The movie works well as a crime thriller, full of twists and turns, but it's really a nuanced morality study. Delineating how gray the area is between good and evil and how, even with the best intentions, it can be damn easy to fall on the wrong side of that line. Especially noteworthy is the depiction of the people and neighborhoods of blue collar Boston. And yes, to further today's theme, there were several hot heads in this movie.


kenju said…
I can't stand to watch the previews of Hell's Kitchen because he is such a jerk!
David said…
i guess I do not qualify as a hot head, I stay cool, an store heat inside until I can diffuse it safely.
Today's diffusion device was a six mile kayak paddle.
utenzi said…
6 miles is a nice long trip. That takes me about two hours.
rashbre said…
Slightly surprised that you get Hell's Kitchen, which I wouldn't think was an obvious British export. Or is it remade for your market? I lose track of the various Ramsey cooking programmes; there's also the 'F' word and I think there's a new thing on at the moment with Heston Blumnthal as well. He's the guy who uses 'science' as part of his cooking with various vacuum chambers, and similar.

Good photo of the birdie.

And here today via NetChick's - Hiya!

utenzi said…
The version of Ramsay's show shown here is made specifically for the US market in LA and is considerably different and less "real" than the original UK format, Rashbre.
Mike Althouse said…
I'm not too into Hells Kitchen, but I know a little something about hot heads, being a recovering hot head myself. I am now a serenity seeker - a state totally incompatible with hot head.. ed... um .. ness? ity?

The movie sounds good, too, if I can manage to find the time to see it.

Good to visit again Dave,

Tanya sent me - sort of.
I really love that picture.
Kristi Mantoni said…
I watched Hell's Kitchen the first season or two but have lost interest. Each season seems the same as the last. Let me know if this season is different. I may need to watch it. I've gotten hooked on Top Chef. Awesome show. I also saw an ad today for another cooking show/contest. I can't remember what it's called.

Regarding the ice building, luckily, it's not in the historic district so it doesn't have to be saved.

I LOVED this past Burn Notice! I have to admit I cried at the end. My heart was breaking for Michael.
PI said…
I just can't be bothered to watch Ramsay. Apparently there were a record number of f's in his programme. I'd rather see your beautiful cardinal any day of the week. How marvellous to be visited by such a bird.
Thank you for your visit earlier and Netchick says hi!
Carmi said…
The picture is mesmerizing...the composition of the shape of the bird's head is perfect on so many levels.

I'll have to look for Gone Baby Gone at the local video store - well, as long as the place remains open, of course! Sounds like the kind of thinking movie that makes for a memorable couple of hours.

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