In the 4 days that I've been back in the Triangle I've gone hiking 3 times. That's a lot more than usual and added to all the kayaking I did in SC, it should help keep those holiday pounds from accumulating around my waist.

Today I went hiking with Julie in Duke Forest. Usually I go in on the Concrete Bridge Trail but instead we went the way that she usually does, along the Wood Bridge Trail. And yes, I have noticed a certain lack of imagination in the trail naming at Duke Forest.

The picture to the left is near the trail entrance, looking back up the hill towards the road where the Fire Station is located.

It was pretty chilly this morning and very foggy. I live near a moderate sized stream and the fog was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife... but as I drove away from home and towards Duke Forest all that mist disappeared. Pity, it would have made for great pictures. Still, you can see a touch of "fogginess" in the picture here. I'd say the temperature was around 42f and that was the warmest it'd been in 3 days.

The hike I did on New Year's Day never had the temperature go above freezing and my hands were so cold that I had them in a hot pad for over an hour after getting home. Well, after I'd uploaded the pictures to a hiking site, of course. Priorities and all that.

BTW, that's the "wood bridge" of Wood Bridge Trail fame over on the left. It's a little out of focus since I was trying to emphasize the epiphyte in that photo.


Deana said…
I know, I love it when I can catch fog shots. They are always good. But I do like your first shot just the same. One of the best things about living in our region would be the access to great hiking trails...pretty much all around us. I keep meaning to do the Rock Castle Gorge not far from here at all and just haven't yet.
Nikki-ann said…
Sounds like a nice hike :)

A new "Frosty" photo is awaiting you at my blog! :)
jan said…
Fog is so spiritual. When I am in fog, I imagine I am in heaven.
Carol said…
Great photos! I just read your bio. You do cancer research? What kind of cancer reearch?

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