Happy New Year

January 1st, 2009. The economy is tanking, that idiot is still inhabiting the Oval Office (but not for long), many of our jobs are iffy (including mine), and who knows when things will improve. But I've got plenty of books and a high-def television so I guess it'll all turn out. Bread and circuses, y'know?

And added to all that, we're getting older every day. Wow. That used to be a good thing. Now it just means another new ache added to the list every few months or so. Right now I'm in pretty good shape. Paddling for the past 6 days straight really helped me out. For some reason that rythmic arm movement really helps out my back and shoulders. Now if I only lived on a lake...

Well, for what it's worth: Happy New Year. Maybe it'll be a good one. At least we're out from under the Shrub. And for a personal resolution, I'll use the old standby: lose some weight. I'm at 207 now, I'll try to end the year at 195. I'm signed up to go on a hike at 1pm so at least that's a healthy start to the year.


Nikki-ann said…
Happy New Year and all the best for 2009! :)

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