Getting Old

I went on a 3 hour hike today with a Meetup group. The temperature hovered just over freezing the entire day.

While the hiking was enough to keep me quite warm, as you can see in that picture to the left where I'm sweating like a pig, it didn't help my bones much. By that I mean that by the end of the hike my knees and lower back were screaming. They really don't like cold weather at the best of times and especially not when you're scrambling over rocks and trees.

The picture over there was a candid taken when I'd just crossed a stream and then dropped down the bank to try to get a better angle for a photo. Had I known he was taking my picture, I'd have at least closed my mouth!

The picture below is the dam across the Haw River just above highway 15/501. It's where our hike started. Damn but I feel old. After a hike like that I really think about buying a hot tub!


kenju said…
I don't have to hike to think about a hot tub!! If we had one at home, I'd get NOTHING done!

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