Friday Night Out

I ate out at Carraba's Italian Grill last night, 6 hours ago actually. It's only the second time I've eaten at that chain. The first time was with Chris back in August '07 and that was one incredible meal. This time wasn't as good, but still very nice for a chain restaurant.

I don't know if this second time wasn't as good due to the location, the first Carraba's was in Roanoke this one is in Durham, management, this is a new restaurant whereas the Roanoke location was well established, or just bad timing. Regardless, the entree was quite good. I didn't taste Elle's dish since it had alfredo sauce and I just didn't feel like eating anything creamy, but she said it was great, and my Chicken Bryan was very nice too. The appetizer wasn't thrilling though Elle liked it a little better than I did. The drinks were a mite rough. Mine had too much lime in it and Elle's was like rocket fuel. They forgot to put in anything but the vodka. *whew* Head rush and torched throat. I did help her with it a bit though. Gallantry and all that. :-D

But, I'll tell you, even a second rate meal at Carraba's is still pretty good. I should go back there soon and see if they were just having a bad night. Having another meal as good as the one I had in the Roanoke location would be well worth the time and energy of running over to Durham in the next week or so. Statistically speaking, you just can't make a conclusion based on one sample. And they have a bunch of other main courses that I want to try!


kenju said…
I've been to the one on Capital Blvd. quite a few times. They have a wonderful soup that I like a lot, but I can't remember the name of it.
Chickie said…
We go there a lot and since they give so much food, split and order of Pollo (polla?) Rosa Maria. Cheese and ham stuffed chicken. Very tasty! I've never had bad food there but sometimes the service leaves something to be desired.

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