The other week Amazon was having a sale on HBO series on DVD. Each day they had a different series on sale and I ended up buying two of them. The first one I bought, Deadwood, arrived today.

I'd not bought anything on Amazon since before Xmas and it's an amazing contrast. During the holidays items are shipped in a day or two and you receive them within days of ordering. Deadwood didn't ship until 10 days after I bought it and since they shipped via the Post Office, it took another week to arrive. The other series I bought, 6 Feet Under, hasn't shipped yet and it's been over 2 weeks. Pretty sad!

Anyway, back to Deadwood. What an amazing show. The actors were riveting. And the sets and scripts were just as good. It's really unfortunate that HBO only had it go for 3 seasons, I'd have loved to watch it for many more years. At least I can watch all 36 episodes again in their gory violent gritty glory.

The other night a new series, Trust Me, debuted on TNT. I liked the concept of the show, an inside look at the modern Ad game, and some of the actors, particularly Eric McCormack so I set up my DVR to record the series. Well, after watching the first episode I canceled the programmed recording. I figure if the first episode is going to be horribly boring---what chance do later episodes have? The only actor I liked in the show is Griffin Dunne. McCormack was way too earnest and costar Tom Cavanagh was just annoying from start to finish. Given how good TNT's other recent series, Leverage, turned out to be, I really had high hopes for Trust Me. Did anyone else watch it---and did you like it?

What's up this weekend? My back was still very sore last night and I had trouble sleeping but oddly enough, around mid-day at work today it just stopped hurting. So I signed up for a hike in Durham tomorrow morning and hopefully it won't give me any problems. It is going to be quite cold tho... and sore muscles really don't like cold.     :-(


Tawcan said…
Hmmm interesting I've never actually heard of Deadwood before. I don't have HBO so I guess that's why.

Hope your back will feel better soon.

Here via NetChick. She said hi too.
kenju said…
Dave, have you ever worn those Thermacare heat wraps? They work wonders for me and they keep your muscles warm!
kenju stole my answer! They seriously work!
utenzi said…
I've got two things similar to what Thermacare is marketing these days. They're very old---I've been using them since I was in college. And I've been using them this past month assiduously on my neck, knees, and back.
Hello There,
Netchick sent me to see you.

Now I know where I can go to get information on great TV. I am so out of touch it isn't funny.

The only thing is now I will have to look Deadwood up on Wikipedia too, sigh. More time in front of the computer.

Thanks for posting this though. Good call on Six Feet Under. I really liked that while it was on.
Chris Mathieson said…
NetChick sent me, too.

Time to take a little look around. :)

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