Artic air is bad air!

It's damn nippy down here in North Carolina tonight. The Tarheels are lucky they're up in Virginia...and finally beating up on someone in the ACC. Their 0-2 record in their conference up to this point had dropped them from #1 to #6 in the standings. And it's probably the fault of that damn Artic Air. Jesus it's freezing tonight. Literally. It's 24.8f on my front porch and supposed to drop into the teens tonight so I'll have to leave a faucet dripping. Grrrr!

I finally received the Blu Ray DVD player I ordered on December 27th. It was listed as in-stock and then the next day they sent me an Email saying it'd just be a few days. Dicks! I finally wrote them 4 days ago and canceled the order---and the next day they sent me an Email saying that they couldn't cancel the order 'cause it had just shipped. LOL Sure, it did. Nothing like canceling an order to speed up the pace of delivery, huh?

Anyway, I did get the DVD player today and the company that sold it to me gave me a $25 credit at Amazon---though Amazon Emailed me and said I had a $20 credit. Weird. Either way it's fine 'cause the player just cost $180 originally so it's a 10% drop in price and that makes the 3 week wait less annoying.

Have I mentioned how damn cold it is tonight? And how this damn artic air is planning on sticking around for another two days? It's going to be cold hiking this weekend but I should get some nice shots of icy streams and probably icy fingers too. Brrrrrr!


kenju said…
I absolutely hate this cold - but as long as it doesn't snow - I'll be fine. We are dripping all the faucets tonight, outside and in.
David said…
hey Dave, enjoy the hiking.
I just split more eucalyptus for the wood stove, so I am sore and warm. My kayak needs to be unburied from all our snow last month, and then the lake needs to be de-iced.
Life is good in the mountains
It was 3 degrees here this morning. Currently at 6! Woot! It's supposed to "warm up" (30s) this weekend. Thank goodness.
Bob-kat said…
I say, stay in and watch a few bluray films :) Welcome to the club!

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