Xmas Foot

Another Christmas celebration come and gone.

The Church-thing on Christmas eve wasn't the best service I'd been to. The soloist in my parent's congregation is getting a little old and while she sure does still have volume---to the point of hurting everyone's ears---her control is fading. It was like watching a train wreck---and nobody wants to see one of those. :-) She kept missing notes and having flat ones. And the new pastor at the church was VERY long winded and kept going on and on about some silly story that everyone's seen on the Internet a dozen times (as well as in that short book back in 2001). Something about getting two baby Jesus' in a manger package and a mom that was obsessing about the extra figurine.

Fortunately, after getting some of our money, the pastor let us all go back home. *whew* That religious stuff just isn't my cup of tea! And after a little bit of drama and one person storming out of the house, things settled down and everybody went to bed so as to allow Santa to do his thing.

As you can see in the picture, my foot is pointing the way to a lot of opened and unopened Xmas presents. A nice day was had by all. In my case, I received several books and a couple of DVDs plus a lot of chocolate covered cherries. Yum. I've been reading one of the books, a How-to regarding watercolor painting, but I can't put it into practical use until I get home where my paint set is. I also was given this really nice Nike sweatjacket by my aunt and uncle. It looks very soft and warm but I don't need it at my parent's house: they keep this house as hot as a sauna! I nearly sweat to death the first day or two every time I visit. And then, after adjusting to the warmth here---I go back to my house where I keep it at 65f. Brrrrr!


My parents kept their house that sauna temperature, but my MIL keeps hers like a meat locker. I like somewhere in between! :-)
kenju said…
65*? Did you say 65*?

Cynnie said…
I like being warm ..but I hate fake heat..

Oh, God I DONT miss southern churches ..
I became catholic for great reasons ..
i get the religion thing , its over in an hour and it pisses my southern baptist mom off :)

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