Way Down South

I guess "way down" isn't quite accurate since I'm just in South Carolina, the Palmetto State, but that is a little further south than North Carolina, where I live.

About 260 miles further, in fact. I usually make the trip at 3am so I can avoid the traffic but this time I was too tired, and instead slept a few hours and left at 6am. *whew* Holiday traffic starts early!

I'm visiting my parents who usually are well stocked with cookies. Witness the evidence to the left. This makes visits very, very pleasant since I can put away prodigious amounts of cookies.

Christmas is tomorrow and I wish one and all a merry Christmas--unless, of course you don't want one of those in which case you're perfectly welcome to have a merry December 25th instead. Just ignore the presumptive birthday celebration of a certain Galilean Jewish rabbi of ancient vintage.

I think I'm going to go take a nap!


Have a cookie for me! Merry Christmas!
kenju said…
Merry Christmas, Dave!
Cynnie said…
those have to be store bought ..
cause my mamas have the m&ms on the outside too!.

I guess i dont have to mention that my mama makes the best ones ever ?

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