Poetry in Motion

The title of this post is a wee bit sarcastic. You see, I went out to hear some live music tonight and actually was persuaded to dance. This was probably the first time I did that in over a decade---and I can assure you, it was anything but poetry in motion.

The background on this goes back half a week. The person who invited me to hear this group, Saludos Compay, was supposed to have dinner with me this past Tuesday. But it didn't happen. At first it was shifted to lunch, but that day I worked non-stop until 7pm so both the lunch and dinner time slots wouldn't work and had to be canceled. Wednesday was attempted but also fell through, this time due to her schedule. Thursday was a no-go almost from the start---and up to this point we'd not even talked on the phone. Things were looking grim until a phone call with an invite to go to Open Eye Cafe and hear a Latin music band came through and saved the day.  *whew*

Despite my lack of grace on the dance floor it was a lot of fun. Will it be repeated? Who knows. At this point I can only guess if she's interested in a second outing--but either way, I'm glad I accepted her invitation. The band was great to listen to and the Latin rhythm was wonderful to dance to. A nice way to end a week that was more than a little annoying.


rosemary said…
I don't know Dave....I think there is a lot of salsa hidden behind your mild manner.
It sounds like a nice time. Glad you went out and had some fun!
Nikki-ann said…
Sounds like you had a good time... I'm not one for dancing either! :D

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