Officially Old

I think I had a post by this title earlier but if so, it bears repeating. This time the diagnosis of old-ness is due to my ophthalmologist telling me that I now need bifocals. The trouble spot where I can't focus is pretty far out still but no doubt as I get older it'll get closer and closer. *sigh* The infirmities of age.

I've been rather quiet of late due to working longer hours than usual and being sick with a cold. Yesterday I was doing surgeries on mice for over 3 hours and thought I was going to die near the end. Yes, I'm being dramatic but I really was getting desperate for something to drink near the end. The end! Having a sore throat isn't good when you can't de-glove for a few hours.

On the Christmas front, I've still not bought a single present. It's getting close to crunch time! I wonder if it's permissible to just hand out IOUs?

Addendum: several people here have suggested getting the progressive (no lines) type lenses for my glasses and I can assure y'all that is what I ordered. Due to the upcoming holidays, I won't receive them until after January 1st. I'm told it takes some time to get used to them---something else to look forward to!


Teresa said…
LOL. This post is a mess! I'm sure you'll fix it in time....

My glasses are 2 years old -- my first pair of bifocals. I've finally gotten to where I don't get nauseous walking around in them but now it's time to have them replaced. I'm not seeing so well these days.

I hope you feel better soon. The presents have to be bought, Dave. IOUs aren't acceptable at Christmas without a REALLY good reason -- a cold and mice surgery won't cut it. {sigh}
GA Girl said…
I wonder if a sign of old-age is the tendency to repeat yourself? ;-)
kenju said…
Get the no-line bifocals!!

Hope you feel better soon.
Hope you feel better soon! The Evil Twin has been in bifocals for years now (spend the extra $$ to get the no-line variety). :-)
Michelle said…
I have had the no line bifocals for 18 months. At first i hated them, they gave me a headache so i went back to my old glasses. The last 6 months saw me go to the bifocals again, but my eyes in the reading dept have deteriorated even more so now i need new bi focals again LOL!!
Thumper said…
I've had progressives for 3 years and I'm still not used to them... Now I just read with my face 2 inches from the monitor, over the upper edge of my's easier than trying to see through the freaking glasses.
Olyal said…
Isn't part of getting old forgetting what you've already done or said?

Sorry to hear you're unwell Dave!

And as for the degloving business... I understand well!
Cynnie said…
I have bifocals ..and I hate wee brain cant switch between the two different strengths..
so i end up wearing my old single lens glasses..
or just squint :(
tiff said…
Progressives can be a challenge - good luck with that!

Getting older stinks, but it beats dying. Aren't I a bucket of cheer? :)
Bob-kat said…
Sounds like one of those inevitable milestones on the journey we all take along with first grey hair.

As for the shopping, I thought all men left buying presents until Christmas Eve? ;)
Nikki-ann said…
You've not bought any presents yet? Blimey! I hope you've started by now! :D

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